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195. Knock, knock – who’s there?

Talking of which, this response has flooded in following my last blog.  What a genius way to deal with cold callers!

“My brother … would greet them with the message ‘we are experiencing a very high volume of enquiries today but your call is important to us. Please hold the line’ and then follow up by playing Wagner until they lost the will to live.”

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146. Your suite’s too big…. (with apologies to George Melly)

I called into the nursery on my way home from work, full of end of term good-will. I’d get a Christmas tree up and ready for when ActorLaddie got back and we could start the holidays in piney perfection. The chosen tree had a lovely shape; plenty of needles, smelt of Christmas.

The kids helped me lug it up the stairs to the living room – this being when we had GrannyBorders installed on the ground floor. Decorations ready, festive ginger wine poured. We just needed to put the tree in its stand, take off the netting – and that’s when I found that it was too big for the bay.

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145. It’s a world of laughter, a world of tears…

Most people don’t feel nauseous until part way round the Small World ride at EuroDisney. InfantPhenomenon proved what an exceptionally advanced child she was by throwing up the minute we sat in the float; embarrassing but classy, in its own way. So off we went to the Poste de Premiers Secours, and she rested while I read her “The Bed and Breakfast Star”. It was rather peaceful, as I recall.

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144. Feelin’ groovy

In an act of rebellion, we painted the walls magnolia. Chocolate brown paintwork. Paper lantern lampshades. Habitat redcurrant accessories. Tasteful. Our first flat may have lacked a certain something, amenity wise – the bath was in the kitchen, so you could wash both potatoes and real toes simultaneously – but the decoration was the bee’s knees.

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99. Just between you and me….

“We seem to be heading for the station. Should I have brought my wallet?” asks Pa.

“Should I have changed? I don’t look very smart,” worries Ma.

They have been persuaded by LittleBro to go for a mystery trip in his car on the promise that “he has something he wants to show them.” You’d think they’d know better than to get in a car with a strange man.

“Surely that’s their son?” you cry. Indeed he is. Doesn’t stop him being strange. Probably explains it, in fact.

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91. Fly away Peter, fly away Paul. Come back Peter…

In the beginning of years, when the world was so new and all, a trip to the pictures gave you much, much more than a main feature.

Not being quite as old as my class imagine, I don’t personally remember cinema-organists; although ActorLaddie had a great-uncle who, rather romantically, met his wife when they were both playing in the pit orchestra for a silent movie.

All I can offer  in comparison is a very close relative who met her husband while bunking into a cinema.  She was, apparently, the designated chump who paid for a ticket and then opened the back door for the others.  She denies it now, of course, and claims they met in a coffee bar. But then she would, wouldn’t she?

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74. One more for the road…

It’s a quarter to three.  There’s no-one in the place except ActorLaddie and me.  And Willow.  ActorLaddie is curled up peacefully; dreaming, I expect, of livery companies.  Don’t ask.  Really, don’t ask.  Willow, at a guess, is investigating the strange oval shape which has recently appeared on the lawn.  I am lying on my back, hoping for a car to drive past and counting my blessings.  One – ActorLaddie.

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61. I love work: I could watch it for hours…

‘Twas on a Friday morning, Ocado came to callIMAG0408
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60. Give me just a little more time…

“It’s strange,” says DearHeart, as we try to attach the door, “but I keep thinking that you’ve retired.”  DearHeart herself took an early retirement before moving to a bungalow.  I guess her subconscious now links a lack of stairs with a general liberation from the corporate ladder.

I call Pa to tell him that we’re a nut short of a greenhouse, then we saunter round to raid his tool box.  On the way, I realise that her subconscious must have Friended mine because I also can’t get my head around the prospect of having to stop playing houses in order to go and teach.

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53. When they got to Owl’s old house…

… they found everybody there except Eeyore.  Christopher Robin was telling them what to do, and Rabbit was telling them again directly afterwards, in case they hadn’t heard, and then they were all doing it.  They had got a rope and were pulling Owl’s chairs and pictures and things out of his old house so as to be ready to put them into his new one.  Kanga was down below tying the things on, and calling out to Owl, “You won’t want this dirty dish-cloth any more, will you, and what about this carpet, it’s all in holes,” and Owl was calling back indignantly, “Of course I do! It’s just a question of arranging the furniture properly, and it isn’t a dishcloth, it’s my shawl.”

“Sorry,” I croak, between coughs, “I’ll sleep in the spare room.”

“No, you won’t,” mumbles ActorLaddie.

For a micro-second, I’m touched by his solicitude and then I remember.

“Though if you can find the sofa bed, feel free,” he adds.

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