145. It’s a world of laughter, a world of tears…

Most people don’t feel nauseous until part way round the Small World ride at EuroDisney. InfantPhenomenon proved what an exceptionally advanced child she was by throwing up the minute we sat in the float; embarrassing but classy, in its own way. So off we went to the Poste de Premiers Secours, and she rested while I read her “The Bed and Breakfast Star”. It was rather peaceful, as I recall.

Meanwhile, in the scrum which is EuroDisney at Easter – what were we thinking? – ActorLaddie and YoungLochinvar queued. There was a heck of a lot of queuing, it seemed; partly aggravated, I guess, by a number of the rides being “Refurbished for your Future Enjoyment”. Closed, in other words.

We are one week into our kitchen being refurbished for our future enjoyment. It is now a shell, awaiting the plasterer.  Most of the kitchen utensils are now in the living room, together with the boxes containing our new kitchen. It is quite a challenge finding enough floor space to cross the room, though an excellent space for playing off-the-ground-touch. The cat is mighty confused.

So, if you feel short-changed by this week’s blog, I can only apologise and offer in my defence that it takes an entire Archers Omnibus to wash up when using the basin in the bathroom. When the work is finished, though, we’ll give you a guided tour, if you promise not to throw up at the start.


On a Parkie note, the hospital that I’m under for my PD is working on producing some leaflets and a web page outlining what is going on in the way of research projects, as well as some general information for people with Parkinson’s. I’m rather chuffed to have been invited to join a group looking at these materials, and we met for the first time this week.

There are a handful of us with the condition and we whiled away some of the time trying to decide how we wanted ourselves described in the minutes. ‘Lay members’ is a possibility but has something of the battery hen about it. We definitely didn’t fancy ‘patients’. Someone suggested ‘Users’, which I quite like because it implies that if the Parkinson’s isn’t all it cracked up to be, one could simple stop using it and maybe sell it on Ebay. “Neurological condition, used. One careful lady owner.  Genuine replies only.  No money required – happy to shake on it.”


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