61. I love work: I could watch it for hours…

‘Twas on a Friday morning, Ocado came to callIMAG0408
Bringing all our shopping was a cheery chap called Paul.
We gave him lots of plastic bags; we’d built up quite a heap
But he stuffed them up the chimney and we had to call the ….

IMAG0413The sweep he was a rugged cove;
the type to eat his greens,
He cleared the flue of soot (not bags) and ancient magazines,
A Radio Times all smeared with grimes; the mess was quite a bummer.
We were desperate for a shower so we went and called the…

‘Twas still on Friday morning that the plumber did the shower;IMAG0414
He tiled it and he grouted it and sorted out the power.
He put up lovely shower screens while whistling the Mikado
And cleaned us out of Earl Grey
so we had to call…

(Actually, the Ocado man recycled the bags; the sweep made no mess at all and the plumber refused all offers of tea and brought his own lunch.  But it makes nowhere near as good a story.)

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