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300: That difficult 300th blog…

Eek, the pressure!!

When I first started writing this blog back in October 2012, it was oh so easy to find things to say.  My friends and colleagues, on the whole, knew as little about Parkinson’s as I did and seemed interested in walking the journey with me.  The hardest thing about starting the blog proved to be taking the actual Jellywoman photo: my lovely colleague Amy and I struggled for ages with tubs of Hartley’s finest strawberry flavour and various playdough accessories. It turns out that jellies are not as stable as one might think and the resulting grizzly mess of plastic limbs and collapsed gelatine suggested a particularly obscure episode of Endeavour.

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239. Um…

“The thing is, before I retired, I used to rush around on a Sunday trying to get everything done.  But I’m finding now that I say ‘I’ll do this, that and the other tomorrow’ and do something else instead.  Then whatever it was never gets done.  Do you find that?”

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194. Now is the summer of our discontent…

Stop there.  Your name is not Mary; you are not calling from Microsoft – go and get a proper job.  I’m busy.  Goodbye.

Stop there, person that is almost certainly not called Peter.  At what stage in your life did you decide to become a crook?  Suppose it was your grandmother who had picked up this phone and was even now installing your evil malware?  Now, I’m very busy – I need to get to the shops – go and rethink your life choices.

Hello.  Now that winter’s here…

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106. Not a blog

Mrs Jellywoman is very well-meaning but inclined to get far too easily distracted from the task in hand. For instance, when she should be writing reports; and finalising writing levels; and entering data from reading assessments; and calculating the increase (or otherwise) in points for each child (and points mean prizes); and the average point increase for the class; and planning next week’s literacy; and planning next week’s maths; and planning next week’s ICT; and when she should be doing absolutely nothing else…

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100! What do they think I am? Dumb or something? Why, I make more money than – than – than Calvin Coolidge! Put together!

One of Pa’s cheques had bounced. The cheque in question was from his current account to his building society. The cheque in question apparently had his signature on it. The cheque in question had not been written by Pa.

Pa’s cheque book was still safely in the bureau and there were no obvious signs of a break-in. But both building society books were missing. Phone calls revealed that both accounts had been emptied.

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85. Font of all knowledge…

So it turns out that the company which publishes my ebook randomly changed the font for a slightly bigger one.  Which means that, if you have bought it, you just might have had some words falling off the sides of the pages and slithering all over the table.

If that has happened to you, I can only apologise.  The problem is now sorted so if you let me know, I can send you a replacement.

Anyway, the link to the new revised e-book of the Jelly Chronicles 2012-13 is here. I’ve also updated the old links.

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71. We are verses out of rhythm; couplets out of time…

The truth is, my anonymous blog is mostly onymous.  My family, colleagues and other mates know my secret identity: largely because I’ve told them.  In general, I’m pretty rubbish at keeping secrets.  No strength of character.  Expose me to a child learning the violin and in no time at all, I’ll tell you where the priests are hiding.

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