106. Not a blog

Mrs Jellywoman is very well-meaning but inclined to get far too easily distracted from the task in hand. For instance, when she should be writing reports; and finalising writing levels; and entering data from reading assessments; and calculating the increase (or otherwise) in points for each child (and points mean prizes); and the average point increase for the class; and planning next week’s literacy; and planning next week’s maths; and planning next week’s ICT; and when she should be doing absolutely nothing else…

she has sat watching the cat watch the robin watching the cat; and she has wondered about moving the philadelphius; and she has considered dead-heading those roses when she takes a break.

Mrs Jellywoman is a reasonable writer, although her over-use of semi-colons can be a concern. She could achieve a great deal more if she did not keep stopping to look at the spider’s web stretching across the rose, catching the Sunday morning sunlight. Here again, she needs to develop more self-discipline and, until these reports are finished, must under no circumstances be allowed to blog.

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