107. Disappointment…

Knowing that it was my birthday;

And knowing that I’d spent Friday with the Aged P’s,
Visiting Cousin Iris, ninety four and chair-bound,
Telling Pa how the old haunts looked,
When she last checked them on Google Street View;

And knowing that we’d spent yesterday moving
The Infant Phenomenon back into our two-person
Now containing five of us: plenty of room inside,
Move down the cars please;

Knowing all that, you’d have thought,
Seeing it all out and ready,
The elves would have done something.

But the planning is still unplanned,
The marking unmarked,
The reports unreported.

They’ll be off making shoes somewhere, those elves.
What a load of cobblers.

Recruitment has started for the trial of Exenatide, a drug which is showing exciting promise in the battle to Cure Parkinson’s.  This trial is in London and they are looking to recruit volunteers with moderate symptoms.  There are details on the CPT website here.
£2.50 towards the cost of this trial will come from the business cards I ordered this week from Moo, thanks to the GiveAsYouLive scheme. The link to GiveAsYouLive is here.

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