303. Warriors in Lock-Down

Right now – Boxing. 

Alex holds up to the camera a notebook on which he has written the word ‘Boxing’.

Two forward, two crosses, two up.  And I’m looking for eight out of ten from you. I want to see eight out of ten for effort. Ready?

Ready, I say. Though as we’re all Muted, only the cat hears and she’s too polite to listen. The bell rings and we’re off, PD Warriors together, bashing the hell out of thin air, at a rate of eight out of ten for effort.

I wonder about this eight out of ten thing. In the PD Warrior classes I’d started locally, before Lock-Down, they also asked for eight out of ten for effort. I’m guessing that whoever devised the PD Warrior exercises – some Australians, I believe – decided that asking for ten out of ten for effort would sound just too impossibly hard whereas eight out of ten would spur us on without…  Oh, hold on. Time’s up. 

Alex holds up to the camera a notebook on which he has written the words “007.”

I’m taking you off Mute and I want to hear those BANGS! Remember, sharp turns, sharp and fast.  I’m looking for a good rotation but keep the arms straight and high.  Trev’s going to lead this one and I’ll be watching you. I want to see eight out of ten for effort. Ready?

Six weeks into Lock-Down and Trev – the trainer who isn’t Alex – is increasingly channelling his inner Brian Blessed, at least in terms of facial hair. He’ll be wearing it in a plait soon.


Arms out, hands together to make a gun shape, the bell rings. We swivel and crouch and shout Bang!  Back to the middle, over to the other side. From the laptop speaker come distant Bangs from – well I’m in London, Alex and Trev are Bristol boys but the other PD Warriors could be from literally anywhere. Across the world, PD Warriors are working on promoting neuroplasticity in the brain by shouting Bang!

This has been one of my silver linings, these PD Warrior classes.  I just happened across them on Twitter – so lucky. Three times a week, I push back the sofas, Zoom up the laptop and off we go. And on really good days, Trev’s toddler or Alex’s dog will wander in which adds a pleasing element of unpredictability. 

Seeing Trev’s toddler reminds me of my niece, Rezza’s children. Video is good but we do miss seeing them for real.  Mind you, Rezza is sensibly taking advantage of the situation to embark on some serious education.  At the end of the duration, Cenzi will be fully potty-trained and will, moreover, know that to use Zoom you only have to be dressed from the waist up.

Good straight arms, Jellywoman! How kind. Thank you.  Times up – what’s next?  Alex holds up his notebook – Over The River next. Ah, I’m going to need to concentrate now as the co-ordination for this one doesn’t come naturally to me. So I’ll sign off for now.

Hope you’re doing OK. 

Take care. Go well.

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