302. Chin up, Angela!

It’s threatening to be a day of hiding under the duvet and reading about people doing stuff, rather than actually getting up and doing stuff myself.

Specifically, I’m about to tackle a Guardian article Shelf isolation: stylish reads to keep your spirits up. This is by way of window-shopping really: my actual reading in lock-down has stalled at Harry Potter. I do love a good school story. I hated school, mind, but I have memories of a blissful week in bed with some childhood disease, working my way through a pile of June and Schoolfriend annuals bequeathed by my slightly older cousin.

So, now, essentially, I’m hiding in Hogwarts: back on the school stories but with the added resonance of being books I read aloud to YoungLochinvar and the InfantPhenomenon in happier times.

However, I do know I should be taking this opportunity to tackle something more worthy and start the article in the hope of being inspired. The first title –The Mirror and the Light leaps out reproachfully. I suspect we’re not the only household to have 904 pages of unopened Hilary Mantel on their coffee tables. Perhaps this will give me the shove I need to apply myself. I read on.

“The hardback version of The Mirror and the Light” says Jess Cartner-Morley “is the perfect size for putting under your laptop to avoid double chin on Zoom calls.”

Excellent! That’s what I call the perfect book review for our times.


In other book-related news, John Finnemore, whose Cabin Pressure character Arthur has been posting from self-isolation on John’s YouTube channel, has come up with a great book titles game. This is my favourite (of mine) so far:

Stay well.

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