153. Whatever…

I’ve had a cover story ready from the start.

If you’ve read my first blog, you’ll remember that I’ve always intended to blame a bite from a radioactive trifle in a freak Ocado delivery.  And that I can now become JellyWoman at will, with the amazing super-power of being able to slide under doors.

And today, it happened.  Just as I was trying to corral Reception Class into some semblance of order (imagine herding water) prior to trouping down to the vicar’s assembly, this small voice said “why is your hand shaking?”

And it just seemed easier to tell the truth.

So I said, “Parkinson’s”.  And she said, “OK”.  And that was that.

Doesn’t mean that I haven’t got super-powers, though.

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  1. Kids – gotta love em.

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