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21. In the middle of our street, our house…

LittleSis and Bro-in-law had just moved into their new house when the phone went.

“I know you’re in,” said Ma.  “I can see you moving.”

In case you’re thinking that I’m from a long line of mystics (I knew you were), perhaps I should explain that LittleSis’s new house backed onto Ma and Pa’s place.  Ma could walk down her garden, across the alley, into LittleSis’s garden straight to the back door.  She often did, in fact. As Bro-in-law said, having seen the film My Big Fat Greek Wedding “That is so my life.”  We’re not actually Greek.  But we do Family.

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20. But it makes me wonder…

“So where is the audiology department, Ma?” I ask, turning the car into the hospital driveway.  Answer comes there none so I try again – at volume.  “Where am I going, Ma?”  By now I’m shouting.  “Where’s audiology?”  Still no reponse.  I seem to have slipped into an episode of Fawlty Towers. I start to laugh and Ma frowns.

“What’s funny?  Why are you laughing?”

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19. We’ll take a cup o’ kindness yet

I approve of 2013.

In our neck of the woods, at least, 2012 lacked a certain something.  It started with Pa’s eye exploding, followed in the spring by GrannieBorders being whipped into hospital with weeping legs.

She’s quite a lass is GrannieBorders.  Paralysed with polio in Coronation year, she brought up ActorLaddie and his older but irritatingly hairier brother from her wheelchair, while GrandadBorders worked as the most civil of servants.  Family legend has it that she once burnt out the engine of her disability trike seeing how fast she could drive it to Worthing.

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18. At the still point in the turning world

As we established in yesterday’s lecture on the elasticity of time (T), the pace of time for a teacher on playground duty can range from 2T to 4T.  So five minutes can feel like twenty.  Whereas, the pace of time in the staff room increases the closer you get to the tea urn, sometimes – say during wet play, when you know the children will be ghastly afterwards – reaching T/10.  So no sooner have you reached the biscuit barrel than playtime is over.

You weren’t at yesterday’s lecture?  Well you’ll just have to borrow the notes from a friend.

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