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70. The Second Cut, however … Just when you thought it was safe to draw the curtains…

Bro-in-Law is a man of infinite-resource-and-sagacity.

Case in point.  Narrow tow path; big bouncy dog.  LegoBoy’s bike, lying on canal bed.  LegoBoy safe, having splashed his way to the side but the bike has seen better days.

“Well,” says Bro-in-Law, “if we leave it there, it will be a disaster.  If we rescue it, it will be an adventure.”  So he strips down to his Prince Harry’s, sploshes into the canal and rescues the bike.  Tidy.

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68. The first cut is the deepest…

Sunday evening, autumn, 1966.  Muddy paws stretched out, Sheina basks in front of the glowing coals, whimpering through memories of an afternoon chasing squirrels in the woods.   LittleSis gurgles, propped up on cushions between Ma and Pa.  LittleBro and Action Man are busy conquering the Universe with a fresh haul of conkers.  And the Andy Williams Show is just coming to an end.  The Cookie Monster has gone back to its lair.  Andy turns to us and starts crooning:
“May each day in your week be a good one…”

The horror, the horror!  My spirits plummet with the reminder that tomorrow is Monday.  My throat is already tightening with stress.  It’s all very well for him, I think bitterly, talking of each day being a good one.  He is not going to have to face Miss Offord’s sewing lesson tomorrow afternoon.

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