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187. Float like a butterfly…

“So, what does it mean ‘trending on Twitter’?”

“Right,” I say.  “Touch the ‘Search’ icon… now, give it a second to refresh –  and, look, there’s a list of the main things that people are tweeting about at the moment: at least, the main hashtags being used.”

We look at the list, ActorLaddie and I.  Some of the entries mean nothing to me but in at number five, pop pickers, is a real blast from the past.  AL touches it and we follow the link to the following tweet:

“Just saw Postman Pat trending on Twitter and worried that 2016 had claimed another celebrity. #Phew #PostmanPat.”

Phew indeed.  Simply the start of a new series; Pat being still alive, well and battling extreme weather conditions in Greendale.

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