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248. Day 6: A little mouse with clogs on…

There’s an episode of Cabin Pressure – I am a bit obsessed with Cabin Pressure – where Douglas and Martin are trying to make the time pass quicker by taking turns to think of people who are not evil but have evil sounding names: Russell Crowe, Calista Flockhart, Heston Blumenthal.

To this list, we would like to add Hester Klute, the owner of our current AirBnB.  Don’t you think she sounds evil?

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247. Day 5: Another suitcase in another hall

Have spent the day in Haarlem, arriving this evening in Amsterdam.  Just too darned tired with all that globetrotting (thanks DH) to blog tonight.  So here’s a few photos from Haarlem:

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242. Day 1.  And in the morning, I’ll be making waffles…


Well, actually eating,  not making, courtesy of the lovely Pieter and Ziggy – the first hosts of this year’s Grand Tour.  On which basis this is, so far, our favourite watering hole.

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232. I’ll be seeing ewe…

Dear Elves,

We hope you found the wallpaper steamers we left out for you.  If by any chance you finish the walls tonight, feel free to make a start on stripping the ceiling.  We won’t be back till teatime tomorrow so keep going for as long as you wish.

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213. Journey home…


I couldn’t decide what to get you.
Sachertorte or Wiener Schnitzel were
Unlikely to survive the journey.

Lederhosen was a possibility
But I don’t know your size
I couldn’t decide what to get you.

Salzburg had a nice line in pastries
Or possibly some chocolate Mozart balls:
Unlikely to survive the journey.

In the end, I emptied out my suitcase
And decided on a present for myself as
I couldn’t decide what to get you.

Into my case I’ve put the entire
German transport system, the French being
Unlikely to survive the journey.

Trams long and light, fast and frequent, cheap and convenient,
And bicycles everywhere with baskets and baby-seats, bells and child carriers
I couldn’t decide what to get you, but this
Is guaranteed to survive the journey.