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248. Day 6: A little mouse with clogs on…

There’s an episode of Cabin Pressure – I am a bit obsessed with Cabin Pressure – where Douglas and Martin are trying to make the time pass quicker by taking turns to think of people who are not evil but have evil sounding names: Russell Crowe, Calista Flockhart, Heston Blumenthal.

To this list, we would like to add Hester Klute, the owner of our current AirBnB.  Don’t you think she sounds evil?

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246. Day 4: The Hague


I do realise that this is akin to saying that Italians like pasta or that German trains run on time but I can no longer resist stating the bleeding obvious. Blooming heck- the bikes!

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65. And the world’s alright with me…

I have three memories of Spencer John; which is probably three more that he has of me.

The first is that he was caned by the headmaster.  This was rare at my primary school and the shock which reverberated through the school community was rather thrilling.  Someone was smacked most days in our class – but to be cane was a sign of true wickedness.  His crime?  I can hardly bear to write it; I’ll put in asterisks so as not to offend.  He sp*t at someone.  I understand if you need a break now.

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