248. Day 6: A little mouse with clogs on…

There’s an episode of Cabin Pressure – I am a bit obsessed with Cabin Pressure – where Douglas and Martin are trying to make the time pass quicker by taking turns to think of people who are not evil but have evil sounding names: Russell Crowe, Calista Flockhart, Heston Blumenthal.

To this list, we would like to add Hester Klute, the owner of our current AirBnB.  Don’t you think she sounds evil?

“And it was this,” said Poirot, “which first led me to realise that it was you, Hester Klute, who dunnit.”

Hester also possesses a fairly sinister flight of stairs:


Of course, when we meet Hester, she appears not at all evil – at least, if she is, she’s hiding it well. She is charming showing us round the apartment: a very spacious first floor set of rooms in a traditional tall, Dutch gabled building. A lovely base for our stay in Amsterdam. Here it is this evening.


There’s something that’s worrying Hester, though: she’s very very concerned that we can cope with the flush on the toilet.

The toilet has an old fashioned chain and needs a firm pull.  But all toilets were like that when I were a lass, so we assure her that we’d be fine. We have a few demonstrations and then Hester hands over the keys and the place is ours.

We make a cup of tea and settle down to read the ‘Apartment Information’, which contains a whole section on how to flush the toilet.

We unpack and set off to find somewhere to eat. During the course of the meal, a text comes through from Hester: this is exactly what she says:

Hi I hope diner was/is nice!?
It’s best to flush the toilet not too gentle, otherwise the water keeps on running. You really need to hear the flusher go/pull through – don’t know how to explained.
If you have any problems, please let me know.
Best, Hester

It really does make you wonder whether some hideous, flush-based disaster has led Hester to this level of anxiety.

Or possibly an evil genius has wired up  this particular cistern to the canal system and only regular flushing on our part is keeping Amsterdam from flooding.

Stop all this nonsense and tell us about Amsterdam, I hear you cry.  Run out of time, I’m afraid. Tomorrow.

In the meantime, having vowed to restrict myself to one bike picture a day, I’ll sign off with today’s.  We saw this little chap with his mum and sister outside the bakers.IMG_20170923_110258684

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