308. Ending in tiers

“There were so many old people!” says Ma. 

Well, yes. A vaccination centre for the over 80s is likely to contain folk of a certain vintage – and all a jolly sight wiser, for sure, than the idiots who have spray-painted ‘Covid hoax’ and the like onto the walls of said centre and of our local station.

I guess there’s one born every minute.  In other times, the gullible might be burning witches, or hanging Catholics, or venerating Hitler.  Graffiti is, perhaps, modest in comparison.  

But it must be so infuriating if you’re a health care worker at the moment, spending your day working with the reality of the virus, to see such mindless stupidity on your way to work. And for those dealing with the aftermath of losing friends or family – as my cousins are having to do right now, Uncle Don having died from a brutal attack of Covid last week  – infuriating won’t start to cover it. 

I’m really grateful that Ma and Pa have had their first lot of jabs; really sad that the vaccinations didn’t come in time for so many.  And as for all those jobs lost, and all those hugs missed – what a bloody awful year it has been.  Get stuffed, 2020, and never darken our doors again.

Wishing you all a vastly improved New Year. And for those, shall we say, more matured folk queueing patiently for their jabs – you are an inspiration and we can’t wait to hug you. Take care, y’all.

One response

  1. Nice post, conspiracy theories drive me insane…
    Happy 2021, let’s pretend we got the 21st century from a pound shop and it came with one less year.
    Take care

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