281. Euston Station made me shiver…

Heading for Euston Station … TFL app … will my train journey home be any easier than the one up?

Coming into town, the combination of an unexpected chill with totally unforeseen leaf fall (in Autumn – who knew?) led to both local lines grinding to a halt. Fortunately ActorLaddie swung into action and ubered me to a tube station. Lunch with InfantPhenomenon made on time.

But what about the journey home? Rather annoyingly my attempts to negotiate the TFL app have been made interestingly haphazard by the old tremor kicking in and, for some reason, much more vigorously than is usual. So TFL keeps rolling up in a ball complaining of being tickled and I still don’t know if my train is now running.

Just about to rearrange my bags and have a shot at texting with my left hand – tremor free but not the sharpest tool in the shed – when I hit upon the novel idea of asking a member of station staff to show me the way to go home.

All sorted!– and in a matter of mere moments, I’m shivering on the platform at Seven Sisters and remembering that cold weather makes my tremor more tremory.

I’ve blogged about this before – probably, last winter – and had comments that some of you find the same. The obvious answer is for the NHS to overwinter us all in warmer climes. If this doesn’t happen, I believe I’m on the rota to become Brexit secretary for the first two weeks of December and I’m intending on holding all the negotiations in Saint-Tropez; a rather pleasant 16° today.

On which subject, and following on from last week’s blog about Florence Ilott, a friend shared this Morten Morland cartoon:

While we’re talking tremors, Simon Stott’s latest blog on the Science of Parkinson’s has a really interesting article about a company – Not Impossible Labs – working on – among other things -devices to tackle tremor. Their video is a-ma-zing. When they’ve solved that, perhaps they could give Brexit a go.

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