6. Blame it on the moonlight

It’s Book Group.  We’ve discussed ailments, children and aged p’s.  Before getting onto the Set Text, we talk about the books we have actually read.  RuggerMan tops up his wine and lists off the Hornblowers, the Sharpes and the memoirs of 1914-18.  “Oh,” he says, “and I accidentally downloaded 50 …”

Yes, really.  Accidentally.  And having accidentally downloaded it, well of course it would have been a waste of money not to read it.

With howls of derision, we remind RuggerMan of the useful button marked ‘Purchased in error’.  RuggerMan shamelessly bats nary an eyelid, though we do get him to promise not to leave his Kindle around for his wife or servant to chance upon.

I can empathise, though, with the ‘accidentally downloading’ thing.  Nowadays, my mornings start with my mobile phone – my Precious – telling me to wake up and smell the Sinemet.

Sinemet, for you non-parkie types, is a dopamine replacement drug.  When it is good, it is very, very good.  But it does wear off during the night; hence first thing in the morning is, for me at least, one of my trembliest times.

Moreover, once my Precious is awake, it wants to play.  It insists that I see what’s happening in the world.  But a wobbly hand and a smartphone are a killer combination and I quickly end up meandering through the backstreets of the internet and sending texts of pure Polish.  I check out Amazon’s Daily Deal and lose myself in the links.

Honestly, I didn’t want to.  I was aiming for Wolf Hall.  It’s just that Agatha Raisin and the Quiche of Death got in the way.  I blame it on the Parkie.


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