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212. Day 16: It’s a small, small world…


He was a bully, our History teacher; a sarcastic, nasty piece of work. If you were lucky, he’d throw chalk at you but he was just as likely to throw the blackboard rubber. “Do you need an extra chair?” he’d sneer at Michael, who was on the stout side. “Will you be in class tomorrow or are you taking the day off to celebrate Jewish Christmas?” he’d say to Rachel. And I probably didn’t see the worst of him; I suspect that was saved for when he took boys’ games.

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210. Day 14: Some lines on a train…

Wending our way Westward ho today, don’t you know: training it across Germany beforeĀ slipping into France to reach Strasbourg about time for a spot of tea and muffins, if the local eatery runs to such riches.

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