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157. I know a bank where the wild thyme blows…

Or, at least, I know a girl who does. IMAG0860

Rebecca also shows us Stone Pines – the source of pine-nuts, for the making of the besto pesto; a strawberry tree whose fruits are allegedly so disgusting that the Italian name translates as ‘eat once’; and a herb which smells intriguingly of curry.

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156. We’re going to hunt focaccia …

We’re going to hunt focaccia
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127. Lemons under the sun…

The situation was ripe 063for murder. A dozen or so disparate individuals, randomly drawn together in a foreign hotel, under the cover of being on a Walking Holiday around the Sorrento peninsular. There seemed little chance that we would all survive the week.

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126. Nervous? Yes. First time? No, I’ve been nervous lots of times…

To begin at the end.

We landed at Stansted in the early hours  and finally tottered through our front door at about two thirty this morning.

I’m a very poor flier, as you know, and was in a horrible panic all the way out to Naples, despite my valiant attempts to ‘man up’. Coming home was much better, partly due to the application of a large glass of red wine just before embarkation, but mostly because, by keeping my eyes fixed on a book,  I managed to fool myself into believing that I was actually on a train.

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57. Clang, clang, clang went the bell…

Crammed into the sidecar attached to Pa’s motorbike, Ma, LittleBro, the budgie and I followed the removal van across the City, not dilly-dallying on the way.  We were moving from our tiny first floor flat to a house in the suburbs of North London.  It would be just like in my favourite Janet and John books, with a real garden and an upstairs.  All very exciting and not in the least scary.

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