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50. With Many a Winding Turn

“I’ve just thought,” says ActorLaddie, adjusting his rucksack on the platform. “That’s the first time she’s travelled on the underground.”

GrannieBorders would have like that. Being amused was her default setting. She was an easy audience: anything out of the ordinary would simply make her laugh. We are talking here about someone who once claimed their favourite film was On the Buses.

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26. To every thing there is a season

In March ’74 my best-mate-at-school took me along to the Youth Theatre.  She’d joined a couple of months previously and had already given the world her Elderly Clerk.  Later that summer, she and I would sweep the boards with our masterful First and Second Attendants to the Lady Olivia.  But such delights were but pipe-dreams as I followed her into the rented school-hall that Friday evening.

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