77. Does my bum look big in this?

BM PET (2)This week I received a photo of my brain.  I’m thinking of sending it as a Christmas card.  It’s the result of the six thousand quid scan I had a couple of weeks ago and so is the most expensive photo I’ll ever have taken.

As I understand it – which I don’t really – the yellowish bits are the proteins that have gone bonkers because of the Parkinson’s.  Looks like we’ve got it cornered.

Dr Ceres seemed quite excited by the results.  When you know what the problem is, I guess it’s much easier to work out the solution.  The research that is going on is amazing but there just isn’t the money to follow up all the leads.  As I’ve mentioned before, the drugs trial I was on earlier this year may grind to a halt – not because the results weren’t promising – but because there just isn’t enough money for the next stage.

This week I also go an e-mail from an organisation called Give As You Live.  Website address giveasyoulive.com.   If you register with them – and it takes less than a minute – when you buy online with a whole load of sites a percentage of what you spend goes to charity.  You can choose your charity.  I’ve nominated the Cure Parkinson’s Trust but there is also Parkinson’s UK.

The linked sites include almost all my regular haunts.  Amazon, Ocado, John Lewis, iTunes.  There’s even Tesco’s and Sainsbury’s for the plebs.  Yesterday, just by the shopping I was going to do anyway from Amazon, I raised £4.72.  One small step for a Jellywoman.

Could you consider doing the same?  And mentioning it to your friends?  Thanks.

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