15. Frosty wind made moan

I was going to blog about the Christmas Concert we went to last night; organised by Parkinson’s UK and held in St George’s Cathedral.

I was going to start by mentioning that the organ wasn’t working.  Hence everything was being accompanied on an electric piano which the choir obviously couldn’t hear.  I would have added something about the pianist being keen to get to the mulled wine, and the challenging acoustics of the building, leading to the choir almost being lapped while singing Once in Royal David’s City.

I was considering talking about the rough sleeper who’d come in and sat next to us right at the back and was then thrown out by the stewards just as the whole thing was starting.  I was going to add how jolly cross I was with myself that I didn’t grasp what was happening in time to intervene.  I so wish I had.

I was going to go on to mention how well PUK had organised the whole thing and how lovely their volunteers are.  I might have mentioned the Parkinson’s Awareness campaign which started this week with adverts of everyday things that people find hard: a campaign being run for all the right reasons – to try and challenge the perceptions of PD being something that just makes old people shake – but which I personally, as a newly-diagnosed parkie – am finding very difficult.

I was going to end by mentioning a chance conversation I had at the end with one of the PUK staff.  I noticed on her name badge that her first name and mine were the same.  It turns out that she edits that fine journal The Parkinson and she reads my blog.

I get ridiculously excited when I find that anyone has read my blog apart from my immediate family, and they only do it to check if they can sue for slander.  So when we got home, I started to text DearHeart to tell her that I have a reader, and I switched on my netbook to start drafting the blog, and ActorLaddie made me a Horlicks and we popped on the TV to catch the news headlines.

Then we saw Obama.

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  1. BH, Editor of The Parkinson | Reply

    Hi Jellywoman, just a quick note to thank you for the mention in your blog! It was great to meet you at the concert. Happy new year to you, and I look forward to reading more of your musings in the coming year!

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