12. Beauty of the Early Morning, as viewed from the Preceding Afternoon.

“I’m watching a Wii Fit balance board on Ebay,” I text on Saturday morning.

“That will be a good winter exercise option,” DearHeart replies.  “Did you see the thing on the Parkinson’s UK site about the benefits of using a Wii?”

“Yep.  In fact, I read just last night that exercise is the only thing at the moment which is proven to actually slow down the progress of the disease.”

“Good for all of us.”


“You up yet?”

“Na.  You?”

“Nope.  Just about to start the crossword.”

I have no doubt at all that exercise is a Good Thing.  When I’ve had a run, I can almost feel the dopamine reaching the parts that other neurotransmitters can’t.  Swimming helps ease the ache in my shoulder.  Pilates is great for the whole balance and flexibility thing. There’s up to the minute research on the benefits of vigorous cycling in delaying the progress of the disease – and I do like cycling.  And yet…

As the great Jerome K Jerome said “Human performance lags ever behind human intention.”  It’s cold.  It’s dark.  I’m tired and have marking to do.  I want to huddle up to the fire with my crochet and listen to a murder mystery on the wireless.  I have books to read and blogs to write.  In short, I just don’t fancy exercising.

Any ideas how I can motivate myself, if slowing down the progress of PD just aint enough?

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