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92. It was the spring of hope…

You might have come across the ‘boiling frog’ model of how people cope with change.

The idea is that if you put a frog in a deep pan of water, it sits around doing happy frog stuff and saying ‘it’s not so bad once you’re in’.  Then the pan is put on to heat.  The frog adjusts to the gradual rise in temperature – sending out for the odd Ben and Jerry’s perhaps, but basically staying put.  It adjusts and adjusts.  Then it can adjust no more but, by then, it is no longer physically able to jump out of the pan.  And so it goes to the great lily pad in the sky.

No frogs were actually harmed in the making of this metaphor.  Hold that thought.

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67. Miss Otis regrets…

Dear Mrs Bloggysphere,

I am sorry that Mrs Jellywoman did not do her blog last weekend.  She was very wibbly and might have been a Health and Safety risk as wibbles and keyboards don’t mix.

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66. Measuring the Marigolds…

There’s been shaking a-plenty in the staff-room this week and not just from yours truly.

We’re having our PDIs to set our target APS increase across the year; or, in the case of the EYFS, the percentage of pupils who reach the Expected level in the ELGs according to the new EYFS Profile.

I always think it’s a good idea to hook your readers right from the start with promises of excitement to come. Eat your heart out, Dick Francis.

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