67. Miss Otis regrets…

Dear Mrs Bloggysphere,

I am sorry that Mrs Jellywoman did not do her blog last weekend.  She was very wibbly and might have been a Health and Safety risk as wibbles and keyboards don’t mix.

She’d planned to blog about the new Reception expectations.

Whereby, when Jack enters the class at four, unable to count or recognise any numbers or letters or to use a pencil as anything other than a lethal weapon, he is marked as Emerging.  When he leaves Reception still four (summer baby); now able to count and add and subtract with numbers to 10 and write ‘a big dog’ and ‘a red cat’, he is still Emerging.

To reach the lofty heights of Expected, he now needs to be able to work with numbers to 20 and write full sentences; previously the expectations of Year One children.  Naughty teacher, your children have made no measurable progress in a whole year!  Lucky for us that nice Mr Gove is bringing in Performance Related Pay, so we don’t have to reward your indolence.

Perhaps it was this that gave Mrs Jellywoman the wibbles?  She has promised to catch up.  Could she be excused her yoga lesson?

Love my mum xx

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