292. Will these bricks ne’er be clean?

Oh what a beautiful morning! We’re forecast for 33° later today – gorgeous drying weather; so the soundscape of birdsong and imaginary church bells (it’s Sunday) is currently overlaid by the romantic clunk of a pillowcase-worth of Lego churning away in the washing machine.  (Other brands of construction bricks are available.)

Annie it was – a superlative Early Years teacher – who taught me the best way to clean play equipment.  She was also the first person I knew to label drawers and storage boxes with photos showing what should be inside; brilliant for pre-literate kids and non-English speakers. (Other brands of children are available.)  This was long before digital cameras so her photos of bricks and crayons and dinosaurs were developed in Boots alongside everyone else’s holiday snaps.

I had rather assumed that my Lego-washing days were over but hey! My niece Rezza has been offered work in the wardrobe department for Phantom of the Opera (yes, the Phantom of the Opera. She’s a talented lass is Rezza.)  So I’m now spending a day a week looking after her daughter, Nantes, and son, Chantenay.

Which is great, as it turns out that one day in seven is just about the right amount of time to look after small children, leaving six days a week to hunt down and organise toys; to play schools, basically. 

They are lovely kids, Nantes and Chantenay, and we’re having a ball.  ActorLaddie reads to them – Equity rates, of course, but we won’t bill them till the end.  I’ve dug out my playdough recipe and have raided IKEA for storage boxes for toys. The toys themselves are proving a little more elusive as much of our own kids’ stuff was passed on long ago. 

But there’s a certain joy in trawling through the charity shops for quality play equipment and popping it in the washing machine has a double benefit.  Not only does it get the stuff clean but it turns out that Chantenay has a bit of a thing about washing machines.  

He’s actually a rotational schema kind of chap in general, so I’m anticipating lots of fun with this.  A luxury, I know.  The last week of the school holidays is coming up and I’m aware that many of my teacher friends will be far too busy jumping through hoops to give a moment’s thought to going round in circles.  (Other brands of friend are available.  Or so I’ve been led to believe.)

Wishing you all a brilliant autumn term and may your Lego be germ-free and in the correct drawers.



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