139. Should auld acquaintance…?

“Is that someone at the door?” says GenialHostess. The hubbub dies down; then we hear the door being knocked.

It is RuggerMan, whose height and dark hair win him the annual honour of being shoved out into the cold on the stroke of midnight.

“I bring you coal that you might have warmth.” Nice.

“I bring you bread and salt that you might have food.” General approval for this too.

“I bring you a coin that you might have prosperity.” Yes!

“I bring you drink that you might have good cheer.” Hurrah – and RuggerMan is allowed back in to partake of the good cheer.

“Now I feel bad,” says Jack, at my elbow. “I didn’t get him a thing.”

Wishing you coal, bread, salt, coins, drink, peace and contentment for the New Year.  Plus the odd Amazon voucher.

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