55. Veni, vidi….


I am     on the upper bunk, watching the sunrise over Tuscany
You are           sleeping below, swaying with the train
It is      cutting through wheat-fields, the farmers already working
We are            hurtling towards Rome.
“You are          early risers, O Farmers,” I say
They are         too far away to hear.

I do      love train travel, though can rarely sleep on a sleeper
finding them too noisy and too hot
less Orient  more Midnight Express
You do like to look out of the window, not much minding
that all the lights in the coach have failed
due to some problem with the battery
She does         sound frazzled, our stewardess
Trying to make her way down the tunnel-black corridors
While people complain voluably
We do              feel some relief emerging into fields of sunflowers
“Do you,          O sunflowers, converse much with the Romans?” I ask.
“They do          still speak Latin, I hope?
I wouldn’t like to think my schooling
was wasted.”

They decline to answer.

4 responses

  1. I think your sojourn to Italy could add a new dimension to your Blog, Jellywoman. You’ve have timed it well to leave London just before the heavens opened for a torrential downpour last night!

  2. Miss sugarsprinkles | Reply

    Sounds divine – hope it’s not too hot for you – enjoy – blue skies me thinks

    1. It is very hot so I am forced to do very little apart from rest, read and eat ice-cream. Apparently we have the best gelantino in Rome just five minutes saunter away. Now you mention it, nom nom…

  3. Young Lochinvar | Reply

    I don’t know about you, but the order I use is:

    I am
    You are
    He is
    She is
    We are
    You are
    They are
    It is

    Seems illogical, but then again, when you learn things like French or German which use M/F/N, there’s no space for “it”, so you can put it wherever you like. And there, at the end of the verb conjugation, it is.

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