52. List, list, oh list

Friday 5th July

8 stone 13, alcohol units last night 1 (excellent), cigarettes nil (excellent), calorie intake last night lots (poor), strong coffees so far 2 (and counting)

9 am. Serious packing calls for serious measures.  Moving to a house half the size of this one.  ActorLaddie says we need to be calm, purposeful and proactive. Agree.

Downloaded time-management book for Kindle which suggests making of list of essential tasks, prioritising and working through in order.  Essential defined as only tasks related to job in hand.  Job in hand being getting everything prepared for removal men who arrive at 8 am in three days time.  Need a list. Must on no account get distracted by writing blog.

Will go and make list.  Coffee first.

9.30 am. Things to be done today:
Make list
Clear garage: box up pots etc, dump rubbish
Dismantle greenhouse and take to bungalow
Go through clothes, pack, excess to Oxfam
Go through stuff brought out of loft, box, dispose of excess
I will not get distracted by doing blog
Meet with electrician
Empty and sort cupboard under stairs
Post excess furniture on Freegle
Pack up books, and books, and books
Take unwanted books to Red Cross bookshop
Do not read them
Tell all re change of address
Go to dump
Take repeat prescription to chemist
Do not post blog until have done all above.
Do not get distracted by copy of Bridget Jones’s Diary

Oh bugger.

2 responses

  1. Good luck, good luck, good luck! Katrina xx

  2. Best of luck – hope all goes calmly, and purposefully. xx

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