306. Not going out…

It’s Sunday afternoon and we’re facing some tricksy decisions, ActorLaddie and I.

A.L. has been canvassed for his views on re-starting practices for – shall we say – his Interpretive Cross-stitch Group. And I have been asked where I am on this Sheep Scale:

copyright Samanthawan.com.au/2020/08/22/sheep-scale-meme/

An answer is required from ActorLaddie, so we mull. On the one hand, there has been a full risk-assessment of the school-hall used for practices and the Cross-Stitch committee are happy with it. There will be much gelling and the group will not share needles.

But on the other hand, it is indoors which, we all now know, is a Bad Thing in terms of risk. But on the other hand, the covid rates are low at the moment, in our neck of the woods, as far as we know, so, realistically, probably, it’ll be all fine. But on the other hand, most of the people in the group are of a certain vintage which, as we also all now know, is another Bad Thing, covidly speaking. But on the other hand, Interpretive Cross-stitch does needs regular practice to keep one’s needles sharp and one’s interpretations honed. But on the other hand, would the use of a school building compromise the heroic efforts teachers are making to covid-secure their work-spaces? Will one poor year group have to incorporate a group of vintage cross-stitchers into their bubble?

On the other hand – no, we’ve run out of hands. Oh for the days when looking after your health consisted of not casting a clout till May be out, and only eating oysters if there’s an R in the month! ActorLaddie decides that, at the moment, he’s comfortable with resuming cross-stitch practice as long as it’s al-fresco. That feels right to me so I turn my attention to the sheep.

I’m drawn to Sheep Three with her lock-down hair-do and Sheep Four definitely appeals, on many levels. But to represent the feeling I have of being on the threshold of rejoining the world, it’s got to be Sheep Seven. On baaa-lance, that is. Though, if things start ram-ping up, I’ll probably follow the zeitgeist and do a ewe-turn.

Wishing you lovely green pastures, wherever this week leads you.

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