199. Day 3: It is better to travel hopefully…

It used to be that holidays abroad meant limited contact with the mothership: a good or bad thing, depending on circumstances but oh – the excitement when you found a three day old Guardian in the newsagents!

Not the same now, of course, as the news is just a click away.  But it’s still jolly decent of people to have thought of me when the story broke; so many thanks to all those who texted, messaged and even phoned to make sure that I knew about Mel and Sue leaving Bake Off.  I’m delighted to say that I have big consolatory news in return which, in the interest of dramatic tension, I’ll tell you in a minute.

So, early tram to Kõln Bahnhoff and this time the Cathedral – or Dom, as we should call it to be properly native – didn’t catch me by surprise.


With lots of time to spare before the 9.19 to Heidelberg, we sat outside the station with coffee and pastries by way of breakfast. Couldn’t help noticing that they do still appear to be working on the Dom. Not a job I fancy.


Then we made our way up to get the train.

The tannoy told us that we should take care because “tricksters were working at the station.” Also that the train was running five minutes late. We went to check the platform and it was then that we made a happy discovery!


It appears that Sue at least has managed to find gainful employment; and with Deutsche Bahn.  I bet they’ve got a pension scheme and everything.

Maybe she’ll be able to swing something for Mel.   Unless, of course, she’s the trickster?


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  1. […] We have our Inter-rail passes and – thanks to the superlative Rail Planner app – we know which trains we need to catch. I’m itching to see if Sue Perkins still works at Cologne station. […]

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