190. #moreincommon

Those poor people in the planes!  The small, noisy planes, that is, that flew over Trafalgar Square trailing the large Brexit: ‘Leave’ Banner.   They must have felt awful when they realised that, as they circled the square, they made it hard for us to hear Lily Allen’s emotional rendition of one of Jo Cox’s favourite songs: Somewhere Only We Know.

It must have been really hard for them to spot the memorial event taking place: easy to miss us – just a few thousand people, the stage, the giant screen.


I guess that’s why they came back again as Brendan Cox was bravely just managing to get through his eulogy about his wife.





And then, for a third time to drown out the sound of Gillian Anderson reading “I shall stand for love” by Dorothy Oger.  Just to check.


I’m trying to feel very sorry for the people in the plane.

026Because one of the strong themes of the memorial – underlined powerfully by Malala – was that of toleration and mutual respect: the fostering of love not hatred.



Doing my best here.


Now here’s an idea.  As most Londoners seem to be pro-Remain, and most of Scotland is pro-Remain, if the worst comes to the worst we declare ourselves to be an independent city state linked with Scotland and ask to join the EU. Maybe call ourselves Scotlondon.  And we build a wall down the middle reservation of the M25, paid for by the Mexicans!




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