178. The Spirit of Christmas Present..

The Secret Santa present for work needs to be handed in tomorrow, so, as soon as I’ve finished this blogette, I’m going to tackle the first wrapping of the season. I’m wondering, did you happen to catch the brilliant Secret Santa story covered in Friday afternoon’s ‘You and Yours’? If not, let me share.

They interviewed a woman called Cali who took place last year in a Secret Santa gift exchange organised by the website Reddit. She filled in the questionnaire, mentioning that she was a big fan of the film Thor and hankered for a helmet like the character Loki. She also hoped to visit Africa one day.

In due course, a mystery present arrived for her. The box was enormous; the postage horrendous. Inside were a full size Loki helmet, a beautiful coffee table book with lush photos of Africa and a letter from her Secret Santa saying that he’d make a donation in her name to the vaccination charity Shot@Life. Her Santa went on to say that he hoped she’d get to visit Africa one day as he’d thought it beautiful when he visited with his wife, Melinda Gates.

It does make you wonder, what on earth did Bill Gates’s Secret Santa buy for him? I guess you can never have enough socks.


A week of term left: the Nativity play was last week but there’s still the staff panto and the children’s talent show to go. So, in the spirit of the season, I hope you enjoy these reblogs:

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Sprinkling glitter – nae problem.


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