162. “Oh no,” said Jellywoman, “I can’t stand this…”

Probably, my own fault, to begin with. Shouldn’t have had the tea. Shouldn’t have gone online.

Last night to our local flea-pit to see ‘Carmen’, streamed live from the ENO. Brilliant: sultry, sensuous and edgy. Matched the weather, which has been hotter than Spain.

“Well she’s no better than she should be,” was ActorLaddie’s verdict. How true.

Home late and sat in arbour at bottom of  garden, relishing the relative cool. Drank tea, looked at stars, breathed in jasmine. Attempted to whistle Intermezzo.

AL turned in. Just checked emails, just checked Facebook, just checked Words With Friends. 26° according to thermostat in hall. And so to bed.

Up again and checked all windows in bedroom, to see if they would open just a little more. This involved climbing on furniture and certain amount of stepladder action. Back to bed.

Up again and searched by light of mobile for iPod. Back to bed. Listened to In Our Time, on the death of Elizabeth I. Took Sinemet. Attempted to hum Habanera.

Up again and took pillows through to lounge. Opened picture windows and cooled off by garden. Made barrier in front of picture window with upended chairs and side-tables in case burglar came calling. Considered getting rake from shed, for personal Sideshow Bob moment. Attempted to sleep on sofa in front of picture window. Considered burglar. Locked picture window and back to bed.

Listened to In Our Time, on Great Reform Act. Considered getting ahead with watering. Checked weather forecast on phone. Thought about allotment. Thought about broad beans. Thought about black fly. Checked sunrise time on phone. Heard bird singing.

Up again and took pillow, cushions and throw back to arbour. Listened to dawn chorus. Watched early birds and late bats. Watched sunrise. Considered tying up verbena. Attempted to hum Toreador song. Back to bed.

Woken two hours later by ActorLaddie with cup of tea. Considered turning over and letting it go cold. Considered writing blog.

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