Hello, whoever you are….

Dear Person who read over a hundred of my blog posts yesterday,

Thanks!  I hope you read so many because you enjoyed them and not because you were stuck in Room 101. You actually missed some of my personal favourites, which are listed on the right under the cunningly titled heading ‘My Favourites’.

My stats tell me what you read but not who or where you are, let alone why.  Are you a Parkie?  A teacher?  Both? Neither, but really bored?  Feel free to get in touch.

Blue skies,


4 responses

  1. That is wonderful Jellywoman – I am sure whoever read them did so because they are entertaining, interesting, funny and well written. I am slightly shamed that I only ever read one or two at a time, I will try harder next time!

    1. Aw shucks! Feeling mutual, as you know – we’re big fans of your work at Thrush Woods. Just waiting for you to publish your collected blogs, as it would sell, for sure. Have you got a title yet?

      1. I am still waiting for a letter from the queen about the title, may be a long time coming after last week though.

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